Wednesday 18 September 2019

Council urged to consider new plaza layout over traffic problems

Bill Browne

Council officials have pledged to undertake a comprehensive review of the traffic-congestion problems in Mallow once construction work has been completed on the new boardwalk on Mallow Bridge.

The issue of ingoing traffic snarl-ups in the town centre was raised in a motion by Cllr Gearóid Murphy before last Friday's July meeting of the Kanturk/Mallow municipal district committee. 

The motion called on the authority to compile a detailed report on the traffic situation in Mallow, to include new counts to measure the daily level of vehicles passing through the town centre and the possibility of modifying the plaza to improve traffic flow. 

Cllr Murphy said the traffic problem in Mallow was one of the main issues raised with him by locals since be become a councillor. He said that one suggestion that had been made to him on a number of occasions was to alter the layout of the plaza to include a second filer lane on the road at the bottom of Davis Street. 

While he praised the efforts of the council to date to address the issue, such as changes to the traffic-light system and the proposed boardwalk, Cllr Murphy said it was clear the sheer number of cars passing through Mallow had increased over recent years, exacerbating the problem. 

"Ultimately, in a few years, the Northern Relief Road will hopefully provide a more comprehensive solution to traffic in the town", said Cllr Murphy.

"However, it must be acknowledged that traffic volumes in Mallow have increased since the plaza was built in 2014. As Mallow continues to grow and develop in the decades to come, local traffic will continue to rise, and this will not really be affected by the relief road.

"The boardwalk will also serve to improve traffic flow in the town centre after it is completed, but we also need to look at other measures  in order to make the town as accessible as possible," he added.

Cllr Murphy's motion calling for a detailed traffic report to be compiled, including a cost-benefit analysis of potential modifications to the Plaza, was passed with the support of his district colleagues. 

Council officials confirmed that the traffic situation will be reviewed after the boardwalk has been completed. 

It is expected that work will commence on the €2.1million boardwalk project this month and that it will be completed before the end of the year.