Tuesday 16 July 2019

Council seek further info on crematorium plan

Information supplied 'not yet sufficient' to make a decision

Bill Browne

The controversial plan to build a crematorium on the site of the former Duhallow Park Hotel has once again come under the spotlight following a request for more information on the proposal by County Council planners.

The lodging of the application for the development by Classic Lodges (Ireland) Ltd last November sparked much disquiet locally, with more than 30 observations lodged with the authority in relation to the proposal. 

It has now emerged that planners have written to Classic Lodges saying they considered that information submitted in their application in relation to the proposed development was 'not yet sufficient to enable the planning authority to make a decision in this case'. 

Senior staff officer Peter Varian wrote that in order to enable the authority 'to give further consideration to your application' they must submit further information in relation to 13 key points. 

The most detailed of these related to traffic and road safety, with Mr Varion writing the authority had 'serious concerns' about right turning movements into the site from the N72 and the queuing of traffic on the national road. 

'The application is also considered to be deficient in the information submitted in relation to access arrangements, comparison data in the traffic assessment report and the recommendations outlined within do not appear to have been incorporated into drawings submitted,' wrote Mr Varian. 

He wrote that a comparison be made between traffic generated by the proposed crematorium and that of the former hotel and documentation be revised to 'clearly detail' anticipated traffic levels associated with the new development. 

The authority also advised them to engage with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII ) and the National Roads Office (NRO) on a number of specific issues, including the provision of a dedicated right turning lane into the site and a new centrally located entrance/exit. 

They were also asked to state what measures would be in place to ensure there was no overlap between cremation services as this might impact on the level of parking provided and cause delays entering the site from the main road. 

Planners also requested that Classic Lodges submit an air and noise assessment, clarify that a mercury and dioxin abatement plant would be installed on the site and provide an outline construction and environmental management plan including detailed proposals for the protection of on-site water courses during construction and the storage of  any excavated materials .

They were also asked to confirm details in relation to the design and height of the stack, if a mains gas connection is required details of a proposed hydrocarbon interceptor and issues relating to the provision public lighting along the public road within the site boundary. 

The letter pointed out the request for further information was 'without prejudice to any decision the Council may take, to refuse or grant permission, with or without conditions'. 

It said that should Classic Lodges fail to supply all of the further information requested within six months of  the request being issued 'the application shall be declared withdrawn'. 

A full copy of the request, incorporating a breakdown of the 13 key points raised within it, is available to view by following the link to the planning enquiry section at