Monday 19 February 2018

Council gets tough on unpaid fines

Council gets tough on unpaid fines


OVER €1,400 in fines were handed down in Macroom District Court last week as the local town council cracked down on unpaid parking tickets.

Macroom Town Council was the complainant in ten of the 30 cases brought before the District Court on Wednesday morning of last week, as prosecutions were brought for unpaid tickets for a number of different parking offences.

Traffic Wardens Anthony McDonald and Marcella O'Neill told the court that the majority of cases were for not displaying a valid parking ticket.

However, prosecutions were also brought for not paying fines for parking on double yellow lines and one case of parking on a footpath.

Of those ten cases, seven led to prosecution, two were struck out and one adjourned for two weeks.

In all cases motorists were originally hit with €40 on the spot fines, but the seven convicted were handed down an €80 fine by Judge James McNulty, who added €123 in costs to the fine.


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