Friday 19 January 2018

Cork highlights

The total population of Cork in April 2016 stood at 542,868. Of that total, 417,211 people live in the county (up by 4.4% on 2011) with 125,657 in Cork City (up by 5.4% on 2011.

The average age of the Cork population in April 2016 was 27.4 years - up from 36.4 years in April 2011.

Census 2016 recorded a total of 324 same-sex civil partnerships in Cork City and County.

The number of people across Cork City and County who stated they had no religion had increased from 31,693 in 2011 to 56,444 - a 78.1% increase.

Of the 195,833 households in Cork as at April 2016, 146,442 were situated in County and 49,411 in Cork City.

The 2016 Census recorded a total of 2,150 Irish Travellers residing in Cork as of last April - a 15.3% increase on the figure for Census 2011.


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