Sunday 17 December 2017

Closure rumours are rubbish, say Griffin's


A POPULAR Mid Cork garden centre has rubbished rumours that it is facing closure - and has admitted that the "totally unfounded" speculation has impacted trade in the run up to Christmas.

Margaret Griffin of Griffin's Garden Centre Dripsey says they first became aware of the rumours about 10 weeks ago, and decided to ignore them.

"We thought that it would go away, but then we were being asked a few times a day if we were closing. Suppliers asked about it, though they knew it is not true, but then customers started asking," Margaret revealed.

"At the start you don't take any notice, but the rumours started gathering momentum. There was talk that we were to close on January 15, which is nonsense," she said.

Margaret says she has no interest in finding out the identity of who she described as the "sad people" who started the rumour, but that she had noticed a drop in sales of gift vouchers.

"There is not an ounce of truth in it, we are not in any difficulty. We employ 33 people ... we are the only business in the area and it is bizarre that someone would start this," she said.

"We thought about putting an ad out a few weeks ago but again decided to ignore it, we didn't want to be seen to be looking for a bit of publicity before Christmas, but it seems to be escalating.

"It's not a nice thing for people to be saying, or for us to hear. One sales rep heard the rumour but said he was surprised. Any time he asks for a cheque he gets it on time.

"There is definitely no question at all of us closing this year or next, unless I pop my clogs," a defiant Margaret insisted.

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