Sunday 18 February 2018

Chamber moves in cost-cutting bid

MALLOW'S Chamber of Commerce has cut its staff hours and moved to a donated office space in a bid to ensure its continued presence in the town, the organisation revealed this week.

"There is a perception that the Chamber is a lofty organisation that is out of touch with the day to day challenges faced by its members, when nothing could be further from the truth," Chamber President Mary Kelly said.

"We know how difficult it is for our members to keep their doors open and the tough choices they have to make to ensure their survival. The Chamber is no different. Following a detailed examination of the Chamber's day to day operations, we have implemented some cost saving measures designed to ensure the Chamber's continued presence in the town.

"While the Chamber has only one employee, this, along with other office costs and overheads, and with subscriptions slowing in 2012, trying to maintain a 5 day a week Mallow Chamber operation became a major challenge, Ms Kelly said.

The Chamber's administrator has been moved to a 2 day week and a Tús worker, who will be working on the Racing Home for Easter Festival will also be based in the new office at Moylan's Solicitors, on Shortcastle Street.


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