Monday 21 October 2019

Car gang drown their sorrows in Kanturk binge

A gang who had 115 cars seized by the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB) - with a value of €2.8 million - and who are believed to be the main suppliers of drugs in the mid West went out drinking and socialising in Kanturk after a mammoth raid in Limerick last Friday.

The gang is led by two men who began flashing the cash and Gardai began profiling them and then CAB moved in. The raid by CAB was one of the biggest raids since it was set up over two decades ago.

The cars were taken from a Limerick garage on Friday morning on suspicion they represent the proceeds of crime. However, cars were also seized in Duhallow.

The two men in the gang went out and partied and spent days drinking after the raid. A video later surfaced with a man making jokes about CAB when out socialising in Kanturk.

In the video clip, the two men have their arms around each other and one said while smiling: "Is there a caption needed?"

The other man responds, while laughing: "We can't get a cab out of Kanturk. Is there anyone around to give us an auld hand out?"

In the wake of the seizure the two men decided to spend a few days drinking, of which they spent time in Kanturk.

The gang are also understood to be heavily involved in greyhound racing and are suspects in the kidnapping of a prized winning dog.

It is understood that the cars that were seized had not been put through the Vehicle Registration Tax. CAB also seized a high end Rolex watch, €43,000 in cash and €1,000 in cash. They also found documents, mobile phones and storage devices. A bank account held by a car sales business was restrained by a court order.

A garage in Tipperary was also searched as was an accountant's office in Limerick and two solicitors' offices also in Limerick. Another separate raid was carried out in Dublin at a finance company. Vehicles seized included Mercedes, BMW, VW and Audi cars along with luxury models.

The main suspect and his associate are also said to be closely linked to the Rathkeale Rovers crime gang, who are based in Limerick. Last Friday morning's raid was part of the investigation into suspicions that the organised crime gang has been laundering the proceeds of drug dealing through a business which it also raided.

CAB's statutory remit is to undertake investigations into suspected proceeds of criminal conduct. It then takes appropriate action to deprive or deny those persons of their assets and proceeds of suspected criminal conduct under the Proceeds of Crime Act 1996.