Wednesday 13 December 2017

Call for a probe into Coillte sale

Cllr Aindrias Moynihan.
Cllr Aindrias Moynihan.


MACROOM based Councillor Aindrias Moynihan (FF) has called on the Minister for Agriculture to outline details of any examination that has taken place to date regarding the possible sale of the Coillte forest crop.

Cllr Moynihan said this is particularly significant in view of the recent IMPACT report, which stated that 12,000 jobs could be at risk with the sale of Coillte.

"From the very beginning I have been very wary of the proposals to sell the forest crop because of the negative impact on the timber industry, rural recreation and on the Coillte company itself," said Cllr Moynihan.

"At no stage has the Minister been willing to outline the amount of money expected to be raised from the sale. However, it would appear to be very small for such a massive decision that could have a huge long term implication for both employment in the timber business and the development of rural recreation in Ireland."

"I believe the Minister should go into the Dáil and discuss this matter in detail and debate it with the Members of the Oireachtas in an open and transparent way," Cllr Moynihan concluded.


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