Monday 27 May 2019

Brian & Bro bring it all back home to 'CoWork'

Mallow brothers set up a haven for start-ups in their old family premises

Maria Herlihy

Anyone starting out in a new business or, indeed, running an existing enterprise will know all too well the headaches that it brings - renting an office and having high speed internet at the mere click of a button; then factor in rates, insurance, heating, along with a host of other bills that must be paid.

This problem has now been solved by two Mallow brothers, Brian and Myles Carey, who have set up CoWork, a flexible work hub which takes the headache literally out of work. The hub does what it says  - it offers a modern co-working space with both private and shared work spaces.  

Brian told The Corkman that the concept means that a person can work in an office environment but all resources are shared.

"One of major selling points is that we have 400 megabytes of internet supply along with a redundant 50 mega bytes  back-up supply so the service is super fast. We also have very modern facilities and a person can rent a desk from  €7 per day," he said. 

Presently there are spaces for 25 to hot desk but there is also a meeting room for up to 10 people.  

"It is very cost effective for anyone in business who wants to work but not have all the overheads," he said. 

Brian and Myles are the sons of the late Eugene Carey - the larger than life legal eagle who passed away after battling cancer in December 2007.  CoWork is based in O'Brien Street, Mallow - the home of their late father's firm.

"There is history attached to O'Brien Street as we will be the third generation doing business on this street," said Brian. 

Brian's grandmother, Maureen was a Pharmacist for 55 years on O'Brien Street and she set up her own business when she was only 25 years old. Her son, Eugene, then operated a hugely successful legal practice on O'Brien Street and now Brian and Myles will etch out their own slice of history as they take on this new business.  

Brian worked for 12 years in the oil and gas industry, which saw him travel to the UK, the Netherlands, Africa, America and South East Asia, where he held roles in business development along with project management. 

He eventually moved back to Dublin and is  married to Fermoy native Aisling, and with three children in tow, the tug of home became even stronger for him. 

"I was brought up in Mallow and really love this town. I was hurling with Mallow last year and used to travel down from Dublin for training. I know it was a bit mad," he smiled. 

He said for him there is an "emotional connection" to the town and there is nowhere else he would want to raise his family. 

While Myles is also involved in the business '50 -50', he will be doing so in a very modern business sense - remotely.  He lives in San Francisco where he works in hedge funds but with modern technology the way it is  he will be well able to keep up to date on the financial aspect of the business. 

While Myles lives over 5,000 miles away, he still travels home to Mallow five to six times per year. So it is safe to say, with Myles clocking up 50,000 miles in the air per year he, too, has a grá for Mallow.