Sunday 26 May 2019

Boher pupils answer the call of the wild


Sheila Fitzgerald

Hyenas laughed, parrots sang, flamingos danced but, most of all, lions roared when Boherbue Comprehensive School Transition and First Year students staged 'The King of Pride Rock' over three nights to full-house audiences in Pease Memorial Hall.

The talented group of young people got standing ovations in recognition of the fabulous show they put on, reward for weeks of preparation ahead of the production.

Students were in rehearsals since Christmas, while staff and the parents' association worked as a team to take on set construction, make-up, and organising both a raffle and shop.

Margot Carlile choreographed the show, while Donal Casey was assistant director. Anne Marie O'Keeffe was musical director, while Siobhan Tarrant directed operations on stage. 

Meanwhile, a dedicated crew worked diligently backstage to make sure everything ran smoothly over the three nights.

The colourful cast portrayed the story of a lion who is tricked by his treacherous uncle into thinking he caused his father's death. He flees into exile in despair only to learn his true identity in adulthood. Finally, 'Simba' takes his rightful place on top of Pride Rock.

"This is a coming-of-age production which entertained and delighted everyone who attended," school principal Vera Leader said.

"Our Transition and First Year students worked extremely hard, and dedicated much time and energy to this show. 

"I thank our students, teachers, SNAs and sponsors for their commitment and support," she added.