Saturday 15 December 2018

Big drop in jobless figures since 2012

Maria Herlihy

The Social Welfare office in Newmarket which covers the vast bulk of Duhallow had the biggest drop in the entire county of Cork of people signing on.

There is over a 50% decrease in the live register in Newmarket since February 2012. At that time, 1,791 people were signing on at the Social Welfare office in Newmarket  but fast forward five years until October 2017 and the number is 771 - a decrease of 1,020 people or 57%. 

In Mallow, in February 2012, there were 2,765 people signing on but fast forward to October 2017 and that number has dwindled to 1,328 which is a 52% drop and is 1,437 people less signing on.

In Macroom in February 2012, there were 1,685 people signing on but by October 2017 that number had fallen to 802 - a drop of 52% and it means 883 less people than before. 

In February 2012, the entire county of Cork had 43,849 people signing on the live register and by October 2017, there are 21,095 people less signing on which is a 52% decrease and a drop of 22,754 signing on.