Saturday 24 March 2018

Berrings pupils' tome is fit to print

Seanchai Eddie Linehan enthralled the pupils at Berrings NS. Photo: Mike English
Seanchai Eddie Linehan enthralled the pupils at Berrings NS. Photo: Mike English

PUPILS, teachers and parents at Berring's National School have been busy in recent times with some extra curricular activities.

First off was the launch of their first published book, 'We Are Writers' which is a 360 page tome of poetry, prose, fact and fiction compiled by the students and published in association with Scholastic.

The school hall (Halla Ui Chearuil) was packed with pupils, parents and invited guests who heard a selection of the proud young authors read their literacy masterpieces.

Eddie Linehan, author and storyteller of national fame, was also in attendance and he enthralled the audience with stories of fairy feuds and forts. The book is available through the school and is the 'must read' book for 2013.

Next up was a workshop by fifth and sixth class pupils for parents and teachers in SCRATCH programming.

The school has taught the programme since September 2012 with the children opting to stay back for an extra hour a week and on many rainy lunchtimes and have now become adept animators, graphic artists, hip hop choreographers, electronic musicians, quiz masters and have honed their mathematical skills in the process.

As the adults grappled with exploding helicopters, Pacman style mazes and soccer quizzes, to name but a few, they also delighted in the children's ability to present their projects confidently and with great knowledge and expertise.

Each child was presented with a Berring's Scratch Certificate and now all attention focuses on the National ICS Scratch Competition.

The aim of the programme is to learn important mathematical and computational ideas while also learning to think creatively, reason systematically and work collaboratively.