Monday 23 October 2017

Aisling salutes supporters in spite of poll disappointment


MITCHELSTOWN'S defeated Macra na Ferime presidential candidate says that while disappointed she did not win this week's election, she is "inspired" by what she saw on the campaign trail.

Chemical engineer Aisling Lewis lost out to Kieran O'Dowd, a barrister from Sligo, in the election to decide who would lead the rural youth organisation for the next two years following a count held in Dublin this week.

Despite losing the election, Aisling says she is more determined than ever to engage with Macra.

"It is a disappointment, but in a way it is a relief to have the campaign finished and done with. It was four months long, and it culminated in the count this week, in a way it's nice to have closure and move on," she said.

She singled out her campaign team for particular praise.

"They were absolutely fabulous, everyone from my club and region were brilliant is supporting me. The clubs I visited across the country, even the ones that didn't vote for me, were fantastic. Everywhere I went, at every social event I attended, I was treated so kindly," Aisling said.

At just 25 years old, Aisling is ten years younger than the successful President-elect, so would she consider another run in future?

"I wouldn't rule it in or out, I'm certainly more into Macra now than ever before. It was inspiring to see what people are doing across the country. I plan to stay involved in Macra, and while I have no plans right now, I wouldn't rule it out."

Meanwhile, James Healy from Donoughmore Macra club was elected Vice-President of Macra's Munster region.