Tuesday 17 September 2019

Air service aids 56 people in just 30 days

At Monday's launch of the Air Ambulance service in Rathcool, Irish Community Rapid Response co-founder John Kearney spoke of how the ICRR came into being over a decade ago.

"John O'Shea from Bantry and I were travelling to Cork and we both had had personal experiences which weren't so good and we wanted to make a difference.

"This started out with the development of the rapid response service in west Cork and it developed on throughout the country."

For John Kearney, it was the death of a six year old daughter of a close friend which compelled him to take action.

"That was the catalyst to go ahead with this project," he said outlining that the original ambition was that the service would expedite delivery of professional A&E care to live emergencies in urban and rural settings.

"Today is the realisation of that dream," he said, dedicating the project to the memory of the six year old girl, Amelia.

He was particularly proud of how the initial month of the new service has gone.

"In 30 days since this has gone online this has impacted 56 families, 56 communities so far, and that's just incredible in only 30 days."