Wednesday 26 June 2019

AIB releases bond for Kanturk estate

Way now clear for work to begin on long-awaited pedestrian crossing

Maria Herlihy

It has been a long road for residents at the Dun an Oir estate in Kanturk who have been battling to have a pedestrian crossing put in place, but with AIB now having approved the bond to Cork County Council, the wheels are set in motion, at least for the much needed pedestrian crossing.

This week, Cllr John Paul O'Shea (FG) confirmed to The Corkman that the estate bonds are in place and he said a letter has now been issued to the estate's owner giving the go-ahead to complete the outstanding works and advance the plans for the much needed pedestrian crossing at the entrance to the estate. 

Cllr O'Shea said: "Following the bond settlement, the available funds will go to finishing the estate so that Cork County Council can take over services such as roads, footpaths, public lighting, and surface water and drainage systems. Additionally, Irish Water will take over water and waste-water services as part of this settlement." 

He said these works will be undertaken by the owner of the site in conjunction with Cork County Council. 

"The pedestrian crossing is of high importance for residents living in Dun an Oir on safety grounds and it is imperative, now that the bond settlement has been reached, that this project is expedited. It is necessary to allow residents of the estate and local people living in the Newmarket Road area to cross the regional road safely," he said. 

Resident Katie Madarasz, who along with other residents have been trying get a pedestrian crossing put in place for the last seven years, said that the "bond settlement is good news". 

"I really am thrilled to hear this good news. I really want to see the work being done. As residents, we have been given a lot of promises and I really want to be wrong [about fearing another false promise] but I just want to see the work get done as we badly need this pedestrian crossing," she said. 

With a smile, she said that if she is wrong, she will "be very happy to be proved wrong." 

As previously reported on in The Corkman, the residents have been desperately seeking to put in place a pedestrian crossing since 2013.

Katie Madarasz said in 2016 residents signed a petition and in January 2017, the first planning application went in for the pedestrian crossing. It was granted in July but residents were advised that work could commence on the release of the bond funds from AIB to cover the cost of the work. 

In Autumn 2017, a new developer took over Dun an Oir and in March 2018 a Site Resolution Plan was submitted by the developer to a council engineer.  

Fast forward to January 2019, when Katie said that residents were advised by a councl engineer that County Hall, along with the developer, were in the process of negotiating a bond settlement with AIB Bank.