Saturday 20 January 2018

Action to be taken on Chapel Hill 'roadblock'

Bill Browne

MACROOM Town Council has agreed to address the issue of illegal parking on Chapel Hill after a councillor described the venue as a virtual "roadblock" at peak mass and school times.

Cllr Martin Coughlan said he had previously raised the issue with Cork County Council's Macroom area committee "out of pure frustration" after being approached on numerous occasions by agitated local residents.

"There are double yellow lines on both sides of the hill. However, at mass and school times there are cars parking on the footpaths. As a result people, some with buggies are forced to walk in the middle of the road to get around them," said Cllr Coughlan.

He raised one instance where a living in the Orchard Estate was injured in an accident and had to be taken by car to the town's main car park in order to meet the ambulance.

"The child should not have been shifted, but there was no other option as the ambulance was unable to drive between the parked cars," said Cllr Coughlan.

"This is a problem that is getting steadily worse. More people seem to be driving up the hill and parking on it rather than using the car park we have provided and walking up," he added.

Cllr Coughlan said there was a barrier at the top of Chapel Hill which could be extended to the Nun's Gate in order to prevent people parking on the footpath.

"Doing this would allow people to walk safely on the path during mass and peak school times. To be honest this is a no brainer. The footpath is for pedestrians, not motorists," he added.

Town manager Sharon Corcoran and town clerk Susan Murphy both agreed that action needed to be taken and agreed to look into extending the barrier in question further down the hill.


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