Monday 17 June 2019

A new town plan is on its way for Charleville in 2019

Way forward for town to be set out at upcoming meeting

Michael McGrath

As the New Year dawns, Charleville looks forward to a new five-year plan for the town that was formulated at a series of meetings held towards the end of last year.

The meetings were attended by a representative group of people from all sections of the local community. They put forward their suggestions on matters affecting various aspects of life in the town, and these were prioritised and facilitated by Paul O'Raw & Associates, Killarney.

The local lead group which initiated the new plan was Charleville Heritage Society, who applied to Ballyhoura Development Clg for grant aid to develop a new socio-economic plan for the town to succeed the Charleville Forum, which ended its remit in 2016, having served the town well since 2011. 

The meetings, which started in September, attracted a large number of people representing community groups, sporting organisations, cultural bodies and other community activists all had their say in putting forward suggestions and ideas, which fed into the final plan for the town.

This will be revealed at an upcoming meeting which will be chaired by the facilitator Paul O'Raw and at which a new committee will be elected to implement the findings of the previous meetings over the next five years. 

Commenting on the plan, Charleville Heritage Society chairman Ian Doyle said that, having initiated the plan, at this point the members of his Society will be standing back and letting a new committee oversee the implementation of the plan into the future. 

However, his members will be available to help in whatever capacity, should they be needed, he explained.

The new committee will work closely with Ballyhoura Development, Cork County Council and local groups in developing the many ideas and suggestions which are designed to make Charleville a more inclusive place to live for new people making the town their home, and to improve the facilities and amenities for young and old. 

The lack of adequate medical services such as the availability of an out-of-hours doctor service locally and the lack of an available ambulance service is a cause of concern to local people. 

Currently, the only out-of-hours medical service available to people is South Doc, which is based in Mallow, and sometimes people have to travel the 16 miles to attend a doctor during the night time hours. Similarly, the nearest ambulance is either Mallow or Kanturk, Cork or Limerick, and vital time is lost if the need arises to transport a patient to hospital. 

This service, or lack thereof, is but one of the issues which will be addressed by the new Charleville Forum when it is instituted at the forthcoming meeting to put the new committee in place.