Friday 17 August 2018

A magical, medieval tale at Mallow Castle

Robin Hood and his bunch of Merry Men set to be the stars of the summer spectacular

The stately grounds of Mallow Castle will host the legendary tale of good against evil and a family fun day
The stately grounds of Mallow Castle will host the legendary tale of good against evil and a family fun day

Bill Browne

With its long and colourful history of myths and legends stretching back hundreds of years, Mallow Castle will be the perfect setting for a colourful retelling of the escapades of perhaps one of history's most enigmatic mythical figures.

From tales of ghostly white rats in the windows of the old castle, to a coach being pulled through its stately grounds by headless horses, there is no shortage of intriguing stories surrounding Mallow Castle and its environs. 

On Saturday, July 26, the grounds of Mallow Castle will turn a lighter shade of green as the tale of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men is brought to life in a magical theatrical extravaganza, courtesy of Cork County Council and the UK-based Chapterhouse Theatre Company. 

Renowned for their exciting open-air re-enactments featuring famous historical and literary characters and events, the company's latest production tells the rousing story of arguably one of history greatest heroes and his faithful companions. 

Celebrated in song, story, film and book, Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men are reputed to have lived in Sherwood Forest in medieval England. 

Feared by the richest people in the land as they travel through Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood - along with Little John, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Alan a Dale and his other followers - famously stole from the rich and gave to the poor. 

However, when the Sheriff of Nottingham schemes to catch the band of 'outlaws', they team up with the beautiful Maid Marian to rescue Robin from the evil Sheriff's clutches and restore peace once again to the forest lands. 

Inspired by folklore, myth and legend - with a healthy dollop of improvisation - The Chapterhouse version of this intriguing legend invites people to 'step into the forest' for a fun and interactive two-hour extravaganza. 

This brand-new versions of Robin Hood's story will be retold complete with traditional sword play, song, music and dance by a talented group of actors dressed in authentic medieval costume. 

People are advised to bring their own rugs, seats and picnic baskets for the occasion. 

Tickets for 'Robin Hood and His Merry Men', which will start at 12.45pm, will cost €20 for adults, €14 for children and €56 for a family (two adults and two children).

They are available from or 021 491 9415.  All proceeds from the event will go to the cork Cancer Research Centre and Boucher House, an international charity that cares for abandoned children and has a presence at Goulds Hill in Mallow. 

The event will be followed at 2.30pm by free family fun day at Mallow Castle featuring face painting, bouncy castle, food & craft stalls, music and loads of other activities.