Sunday 19 November 2017

80,000 commuting into Co Cork to work


THE latest census data has revealed that Cork commuters are above average in their use of private vehicles when it comes to travelling to work.

A total of 141,552 persons, representing 75.8% of commuters in County Cork, either drove to work or were a passenger in a car in 2011. This compared to 69% of commuters in the State overall. This compared to just 3.7% who used public transport, 1.2% who cycled and 10.4% who walked to work.

A total of 10,913 (20.4%) of students aged 5-12 years in the county walked to school in 2011 - 68.4% travelled to school by car, with 10.7% travelling by bus and 0.3% cycling.

Amongst secondary students, 20.7% (7,519 students) walked and 51% travelled to school by car, while 26.8% travelled by bus and 0.5% cycled.

Meanwhile, analysis of travel times has shown that one in fifteen commuters residing in County Cork had travel times of an hour or longer to work, while 1.5% (2,690 persons) spent 90 minutes or more commuting. 27.7% of workers had travel times of 15 minutes or less.

In total 91,338 persons resident in County Cork also worked in the county, while 78,954 commuted to work outside the county. Meanwhile, 80,273 people residing outside the county commuted to work in Cork county, resulting in a net gain in the working population of 1,319.

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