Monday 23 April 2018

4G is rolled out in Duhallow as problems persist

Kanturk businesswoman Hannah O’Keeffe.
Kanturk businesswoman Hannah O’Keeffe.


DESPITE the people of Duhallow experiencing dire mobile phone coverage for weeks on end this week they got the very latest in mobile accessibility rolled out across the region.

Since Monday, mobile provider Vodafone says its users in Kanturk, Newmarket, Millstreet and Mallow will now be able to switch on 4G mobile broadband.

This is the very latest in mobile technology, giving users unprecedented access to all sorts of services on the phones, from high speed internet to hi-tech games.

In Duhallow, however, locals would be glad to be able to make a call, or text, and know they will get through.

One Kanturk businesswoman, Hannah O'Keeffe of OK Kleaners, can't see why anyone would be jumping for joy at having their broadband when its customers cannot use their phones.

"It's ridiculous. What's the point in me saying I can get 4G broadband when I can't make a simple phonecall," she said.

She said she never had an issue with her broadband service at her premises, OK Kleeners on Percival Street.

"I'm very happy with my broadband service and it has never given me a problem. It's very fast and I'm able to use it to source goods for my shop. All I want is to be able to make a call and take a call and run my business," she said.

She said what she has now noticed is that many of her customers now have 085, 086 or 083 phones.

"People are definitely switching from Vodafone and, really, it's easy to see why," she said.

Ms O'Keeffe said that she was now "seriously considering," leaving Vodafone and taking up with another service provider.

Vodafone issued a statement to The Corkman concerning the severe lack of coverage in Duhallow, and a spokeswoman outlined that they are currently upgrading their network in the South West.

She outlined that customers may experience network interruptions.

And do note: customers will only experience the 4G broadband if they sign up for it and, in addition, their phone must be 4G enabled.