Wednesday 20 February 2019

195 new calls to One-in-four since the Cloyne Report


NEARLY 200 first-time callers contacted One-in-Four in the aftermath of the publication of the Cloyne Report, the abuse victim support group has revealed.

A spokesperson for the group this week said that 195 people who were previously unknown to the group contacted One-in-Four since the report was issued last week.

"There is always a surge in calls to us after such reports are issued. The media coverage forces many victims who have put the past to the back of their minds to confront what has happened to them," the spokesperson said.

One-in-Four Executive Director Maeve Lewis said that the government needs to put child protection guidelines on a statutory footing and create a responsibility for every adult to report concerns to child protection services. She commended the bravery of abuse survivors and further called for adequate protection for those who wish to report abuses.

"This may be the last major report into the Irish Catholic Church and it is imperative we learn from it and apply those lessons," she said.

Abuse victims and their familes have spoken of their sense of overwhemling relief and vindication at the release of the report.

"What is striking about the content of the report is that it is so accurate," said the father of one particular north Cork victim.