Wednesday 15 August 2018

€1.6 million housing boost for Macroom

Maria Herlihy

A budget of €1.6million for eight housing units at Sleaveen East in Macroom got a warm nod of approval from councillors at a recent Blarney Macroom district meeting.

Keith Jones of the Housing Department at Cork County Council gave a very detailed presentation to councillors regarding the council's hopes to lodge a part eight planning application for the 'eight-unit split apartment block', which will consist of five two-bed units and three one-bed units. 

Mr Jones said that their design will have a courtyard which will suit "both the elderly and single people". 

"The ground floor is fully accessible and will greatly suit elderly people. Every person will have their own balcony, and the units are generously sized," he said. 

It is hoped that construction will take place in the middle of next year. 

Chairman Ted Lucey (FG) welcomed the design and said it is great that Sleaveen East will be regenerated. 

"I feel that single men and women always lost out when it came to housing, and now there will be a balance for both single people and the elderly. I think that this is a good thing," he said. 

Mr Jones said two of the units will be wheelchair-accessible. 

This led to Cllr Gobnait Moynihan asking if they could all be made wheelchair-accessible but she was told that the budget was set at €1.6million for the design of eight units. 

"It will cost about €200,000 per unit, and the site is quite difficult to work with but, having said that, we are very happy with the design which we now have," he said. 

Bob Ryan (FF) said any time eight units will be brought to Macroom must be welcomed: "I think now that we just need to get on with the next stage of this process. I want to congratulate Keith and his office for the work that they have done this."