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Will by-passed Macroom know itself in new era?


What the town centre will look like in the new by-pass era Macroom.

What the town centre will look like in the new by-pass era Macroom.

What the town centre will look like in the new by-pass era Macroom.


THERE’s a change a coming. A number of county councillors, local TD’s and a Minister not to mention County Council officials were in Páirc TC Murray/Uí Mhuirithe on a beautiful last Friday as the 50 home development complete with triple glazing, solar panels and the works was officially opened.

But we were looking over the valley where work was going on to complete the bypass of Macroom and Baile Mhúirne. According to most of those at the event, and they were people in the know, the bypass of Macroom would be complete before the end of the year.

One councillor said drivers would be able to commute from Coolcower to Coolavokig when that section of road was ready for use.

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Though that was disputed, it looks like the days of traffic snarl-ups as anxious Kerry football supporters head to Cork to be in Páirc Uí Rinn in time for the throw in cooled their heels for up to an hour traversing the town, are over. Those supporters wouldn’t like to miss a moment of Cork being beaten by Kerry. They should count this time precious as the day will come when the boot will be on the other foot.

County Council CEO, Tim Lucey, was in good form as he promised a boom-time for the town with our newly refurbished theatre, library and arts centre, the Briery Gap, the town centre with its pedestrianised area, the Mill Race and the old Church of Ireland all undergoing or likely to see major transformation in the coming months.

As hard as it is to get a flat or house to rent in Macroom at present, this is likely to get even more challenging as people move to the area transforming it into a destination in itself, no longer a traffic blackspot between Cork and Killarney.

So the boomier times are coming and the sun will always be shining, the sky will be blue and we will all be smiley happy people. I can’t wait - can you?