Thursday 22 March 2018

Volunteers wanted for 'weigh-in'


THE Cullen and District Special Needs Association commence their annual weigh in on Monday night in Cullen Community Centre at 8pm, with weekly exercises and dancing continuing over the subsequent weeks.

Millstreet GP Dr. Patrick Casey returns with his scales on Monday nights and each participant's weight will be monitored on a weekly basis as participants seek sponsorship in their efforts to shed unwanted pounds generated over the new year festivities.

For those seeking encouragement, activities are available from each Monday night and those seeking to raise the dust off the floor can do so in waltzing and set dancing to the beat of local musicians. The organisers predict at least the customary figure of 200 participants from East Kerry and Duhallow will again be reached this year. Patrons can gear themselves towards a finishing date in late March, just ahead of Easter.

Thanks to the voluntary support of many professionals, the staging grows and on each Monday night, an exciting programme lies in store for patrons and supporters of the Cullen and District Special Needs Association promotion. The event raises substantial financial aid to the group that is currently in the throes of initiating an ambitious project in Cullen to build a facility and shelter for those with special requirements. The Association was founded in 1979 in a response to people with specific needs in the greater North Cork Region.

Patrons are invited to attend on Monday next with follow up aerobics and music beginning on the following Monday, January 28 at 8.m.