Monday 18 December 2017

Volunteers needed for Cullen's big 'op trans'

Boherbiue's Phil O'Sullivan and John O'Connor.
Boherbiue's Phil O'Sullivan and John O'Connor.

John Tarrant

GETTING RID of that bulge drives on one of North Cork's most progressive organisations, "Cullen and District Special Needs Association" as it entices volunteers across the Duhallow Region and beyond to burn up the calories from its Annual Weigh In.

Up and running next Monday night at 8pm in the newly refurbished Cullen Community Centre with weekly exercises and dancing continuing over ten weeks.

Secretary Moira O'Keeffe said the group are pursuing ambitious plans for the development of a local centre for people with special needs in Cullen.

"Unfortunately due to Government cutbacks, the provision of state grants has been stopped for the past few years and we await their reinstatement. However we are assured that the Cullen Centre is next in line when funding is again released", she said.

The Cullen Association are again inviting representatives of the various centres, where friends are educated.

"Last year we made similar presentations; they all replied and expressed their sincere gratitude and deepest appreciation for this financial boost. They paid tribute to the generosity of the Cullen Association and their many supporters who support the various fundraising projects. They added that, this year more than ever, their needs are greater more than ever and voluntary fundraising is hugely important to enable these centres to achieve high standards and services to care for those with special needs. They would not be in a position to deliver the range and quality of services without the goodwill and support of local communities", she said

Ms O'Keeffe added that due to a series of Government cut backs in funding since the beginning of the recession, the past year has not been good for those with special needs.

"There is a great fear that some services and the development of new services will have to be reduced. Waiting lists for assessments has increased and it is feared that services may not be there for new entrants in 2014.Over the years a large range of services, facilities and expertise has been developed to provide the range of comprehensive services that are available today, and it is vital to ensure their future", she said.

The Cullen Association are delighted that fundraising events continue to flourish, happy to report a very successful harvest, threshing and vintage afternoon.

The 2014 Weigh In commences on Monday at 8pm and concludes on Monday March 24 in Cullen Community Centre. Dr. Pat Casey will again oversee the Weigh in; there will be Aerobics conducted by Máire Heffernan and Hannah O'Connor(starts on Monday, January 27) followed by music and dance each night.

"We are indebted to the many people who give so generously of their time, their talents, their services and their resources over the years to assist in our fund raising efforts; all who sponsor and help to make the vintage afternoon such a great success, all who support our Weigh In, and the media who promote our events", concluded Moira.


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