Sunday 21 January 2018

Ty gets the jitters as big day approaches

invite! Fiz gets unexpected wedding
invite! Fiz gets unexpected wedding

Coronation Street

Wednesday 7.30pm TV3 & UTV

Fiz vows to stand by Tyrone through any legal proceedings over Ruby. Alas, it looks like his romance may be found out when he hides his secret phone down the side of the sofa, where it stays during Kirsty's hen party. Little wonder he's desperate to escape from his stag night to get his mobile back.

Meanwhile, Fiz is gobsmacked when Kirsty invites her to the wedding. Has the bunny-boiler uncovered the plan to get custody of Ruby?

During the day itself, Ty is on tenterhooks as he considers the consequences of her finding out.

Elsewhere, Kylie has a heart-to-heart with David and insists she's not capable of raising another child, though he says she underestimates herself. (At the very least it makes a change from him showing her up in the Bistro.)

Eventually she reaches a decision about her future, and Gail is gutted when her daughter-in-law reveals her plan to move out.

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