Thursday 23 November 2017

Tidy consistency

CONSISTENCY is the word applied to the efforts of the Fermoy Tidy Towns Committee following the publication of the results of the IBAL competition last week.

Chairman of the Town's Litter Committee, John Murphy who was in Dublin's Conrad Hotel when the results were announced, was very happy that the town was singled out for consistency in the ratings over the ten year period of the IBAL competitions.

He said "that we need to sit down now and examine certain areas and aspects of the judges' report and to work together to keep up there at the top of the ratings".

Cllrs Noel McCarthy and Tadhg O'Donovan were both very happy to finish at No 9, but they both want to get back to the top and be contesting the number one spot in the coming year.

They agree that we must address the trouble spots and they need the whole community working together to achieve that. Fermoy man Dr Tom Cavanagh, is the National Chairman of IBAL (Irish Business against Litter). Kilkenny, Cavan and Killarney took the first three prizes in that order.

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