Saturday 24 February 2018

Third place in country for Chrisdina's project

Chrisdina O'Neill from Charleville.
Chrisdina O'Neill from Charleville.

MANY people when the get into their twilight years begin to regret not having asked questions about their family background when they were younger. Not Chrisdina O'Neill.

Chrisdina, who is immensely proud of her traveller background, loves to listen to her grandparents stories about their lives. She also loves looking at photographs from times gone by and was fascinated that her grandmother managed to raise 17 children in a wagon.

At Mannix College secondary school in Charleville, she studies woodwork. The citation read out by Garda Nick Phelan outlined how, as part of the junior cycle exam, Chrisdina designed a money box with the facility to place a photograph in it.

After much brainstorming, Chrisdina came up with a very creative and unique idea that even some of her teachers were of the view could not be completed. But not for Chrisdina and her team, as they stayed in school every Friday afternoon, while the rest went home on a half day. The hard work paid off as the project was rated third in the country.

Considering that woodwork, also known as materials technology woodwork, is a traditionally male dominated field of which only 12% are female, Chrisdina has played her part in being part of that minority percentage.

With ambitions to be a teacher, she is a hugely popular with staff and pupils at Mannix College.


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