Friday 23 March 2018

Storm plunges Mallow into darkness

A major power cut in the West End/ Shortcastle/ Beecher Street area of Mallow town centre brought everything to a standstill at 7pm last Thursday as a heavy storm lashed north Cork.

ESB helpline personnel were excellent in receiving and answering concerned householders' queries and worries. For many years Fermoy has been the headquarters for the ESB, which covers a vast area. However, many people who were affected by the power loss were dissapointed that such a network did not have its central area in Mallow which is, after all, the crossroads of munster and ideally situated. This is not meant to be any bad reflection on Fermoy as it is a fine town.

All the same, special thanks are due to the ESB engineers who rushed to the problem site and had matters up and running in 45 minutes.