Sunday 18 February 2018

Roses bloom on flying trip to Mallow

ON last Saturday afternoon I was surrounded by beautiful roses.

No, I was not in my neighbour's colourful garden but down town at Mulls Bar to greet the Cork Rose entrants along, with 2014 Cork Rose Anna Geary, who stopped off in Mallow during a mystery tour throughout the Rebel County raising money and awareness for 'Friends Of A' charity.

The Roses were accompanied by escorts for their short stay in Mallow.

Chief organiser of the event Bernadette Moloney thanked all those who came and supported the efforts of the roses.

Friends Of A's aim is to raise money to fund ongoing research into cranial aneurysm research in memory of the 2010 Texas Rose of Tralee, the late Adrienne Hussey.

Friends of A work closely with the CABER team at the University of Limerick who have extensine history in aneurysm research, and in diagnostic rupture behaviour involving the use of both solid and fluid mechanics tools, and has been involved in recent international studies of blood flow behaviour in cranial aneurysms.

Later on the mystery tour, in Geary's Bar in Charleville, ten balloons were released in memory of Adrienne Hussey.

At present Cork Rose entrants and their escorts are training for the Rose of Tralee 10km run for various charities. The Mystery Tour began in Cork City and ended in Charleville, where Eric Griffin acted as host for a special evening.

For more information on the Friends of A charity, log on to


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