Friday 24 November 2017

Residents fear 'improvements' will mean more danger at Rea's Cross

IMPROVEMENT works at Rea's Cross on the N72 - an accident blackspot - could make it even more dangerous, residents' fear.

Minister Seán Sherlock has been working with residents in the Rea's Cross area to address their apprehensiveness about the on-going road works N72 and the resulting changes these works will have on their access to the newly finished road.

"I have serious concerns around the fact that adequate provision has not been made addressing the road safety element that has been raised with the NRA and also with the Dept of Transport," said Minister Sherlock, who wants residents' fears addressed.

A number of families in the immediate vicinity of the cross have raised concerns that the hard shoulder that existed prior to the current works will now cease to exist. Their chief concern is that the new design make it a faster road at that particular point.

"One engineering business in that vicinity is now seriously impeded because of a lack of proper access for trailers and HGVs. The taking of the hard-shoulder on the opposite side of the road will also hinder local walkers who use the road on a daily basis," said Sherlock, who has raised the issue with the NRA twice.

"I have requested the NRA to talk to the affected families with a view to coming up with a solution," he added.


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