Sunday 18 February 2018

Radio Ga-Ga

Tony, Lisa, Jordan and Nathan Cummins from Mallow memebers of North Cork Radio Group
Tony, Lisa, Jordan and Nathan Cummins from Mallow memebers of North Cork Radio Group


THE Mallow-based North Cork Radio Group (NCRG) has issued an open invitation to people to 'ham it up' on the airwaves during a free event at Cork's Blackrock Castle.

The open workshop, part of Cork Heritage Week, will take place on Sunday, August 24 at the landmark building which is home to the world famous Blackrock Observatory.

The event will offer people the opportunity to learn about the fascinating hobby of amateur radios from enthusiasts, also known as 'radio hams'.

Formed in 2010, the group caters for radio enthusiasts from across the region, promoting amateur radio as a hobby and highlighting its use for tourism and as a public service.

The group will set up their own radio station, offering visitors the chance to become familiar with the concept of amateur radio and speak to radio hams from across the world.

NCRG secretary Lisa Cummins said people will be taken through the process of constructing, experimenting and operating their own radios.

"A licensed amateur can operate two-way radio from almost anywhere and can talk to people from their own locality or from across the world," said Lisa.

"At a previous workshop held at the castle we were able to contact people from as far away as Canada and the US. The range very much depends upon the antennae used and atmospheric conditions," she added.

Lisa said the scope and possibilities with amateur radios were endless.

"People can experiment with home-built equipment or antennas, can operate through satellites and even send TV pictures. Alternatively, they can just have a quiet chat with friends and family at home or abroad," she said.

"It is a relatively inexpensive hobby that will give people hours of fun and enjoyment," she added.

In the event that people are unable to attend the open day, the NCRG will host their annual radio and electronics fair at the Commons Inn, Blackpool from 11am on Sunday, September 7.

"There will be plenty of radios hams at the event able to offer advice and help to people interest in taking up the hobby," said Lisa.

For more information about the NCRG and the various events they hold throughout the year visit


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