Tuesday 12 December 2017

Playschool AGM at centre


The AGM of Anchor Playschool will be held in Meelin Community Centre on Tuesday 22nd January at 8.30pm. Everyone welcome.

The Anchor Playschool recently received €200 from the organisers of the Fun Horse Ride in Meelin in December. This will be put towards the development of an outdoor garden, where the children will grow various plants, flowers & vegetables.

A sincere thanks to the organisers of the Fun Ride.


All your used Christmas cards, birthday cards, greeting cards and stamps can benefit a lot of worthy causes so please call 086 2616308 to arrange for collection or for further information.

Varnanasi Children's Hospital The Varanasi Children's Hospital would like to thank the people of Meelin for their great support since 2004.

They have now moved fundraising to Cork City so would like to thank the people of Meelin and surrounding areas for all their support.

If interested to see what has been created with your goodwill visit us at

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