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On-hold sheltered housing the way forward for North Cork's aging population

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Planning permission to commence work on the second phase of the housing development for Charleville Sheltered Housing Services at Love Lane will have to wait until the government gives the green light to the building sector to resume work again, which has been halted due to the coved-19 pandemic.

When that happens, the organisation will be in a position to apply for planning permission for the erection of the next four units of a further eight-unit expansion to their retirement village at Love Lane.

It will be remembered that current Mayor of County Cork Cllr, Ian Doyle turned the sod on the first phase of four units of the expansion project in December 2018.

"Those first four units were completed on time and are now occupied. The second phase has been delayed owing to the onset of the corona virus, and we are awaiting word from the Department authorities to proceed, and when we get that we will be able to apply for planning permission," said the organisation's chairman, John O'Donnell.

The two phases of additional sheltered housing development expansion for the Charleville organisation is delivered in partnership with Cork County Council and the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government, and will enable residents to age-in-place and live independently in their own self-contained home.

The Charleville Sheltered Services organisation currently provides 29 individual housing units, and a group house that can cater for three higher dependency individuals.

Speaking at the turning of the sod in December 2018 Cllr Doyle said: "I would like to acknowledge the work of Charleville Sheltered Housing Services and Cork County Council in bringing this project to fruition. Supports that enable older people to remain in their communities are absolutely vital.

"Age-friendly housing is about being close to family and social networks alongside essential public services. Housing is a critical part of our social support infrastructure, but it has been undervalued."

Chairperson of Charleville Sheltered Housing Services, John O'Donnell, said at that time, "This ceremony is a strong endorsement of the progressive supported housing model that Charleville Sheltered Housing Services has been championing for 30 years.

"Housing that includes a range of supports, and on-site communal facilities for assisted independent living, is a response to our changing demographics.

"Residents of the Charleville Sheltered Housing Services range in age from 55 to 93 years. There are a higher number of people living alone now, and 14% of the population of Cork North-west are aged over 65 years. So, we see our clustered housing model, located in the centre of Charleville, as the way forward."