Monday 18 December 2017

New Commander appointment for popular Rockchapel native

Pat Mulcahy, Rockchapel, has been appointed Commander of the Fr Francis Duffy Post of the American Legion.
Pat Mulcahy, Rockchapel, has been appointed Commander of the Fr Francis Duffy Post of the American Legion.

Rockchapel native Pat Mulcahy has just recently been appointed to a brand new job as Commander of the Fr. Francis Duffy Post of the American Legion, a responsibility that he is certainly worthy of, having served in the United States in various capacities for several years during the sixties and seventies.

Pat served in the American army from 1963 until 1967 when he joined the active reserve as first lieutenant, a post he held until 1970. Following his stint in the army, Pat became a police officer in the New York State Army National Guard where he remained until 1977, when he was badly injured during a narcotics arrest.

The American Legion was founded in Paris in 1919 as a non profit patriotic wartime veterans organisation. It has three posts in Ireland, based in Dublin, Mayo, and Pat's unit which covers the greater Munster area. Following the death of former Commander Mike Sheehan from Ovens, Pat was elected as his replacement.

Two weeks ago, on memorial day for veterans of all the various armies, Pat and his fellow members attended Mass in St. Joseph's Church in Limerick and placed wreathes on the veterans' graves in Memorial Park.

Further duties involve taking care of veterans, and the widows of veterans who may require information about financial entitlements and the various posts have a service officer who will liaise with the American Embassy on their behalf.

Pat, his wife Cathleen, and brother Denis are widely known and respected for the wonderful work they have done over many years with the charity Project Children, which was established in 1975.

Pat and Denis received the People of the Year Award in 1989, and were nominated by Cardinal O Fiaich for an award from Pope John Paul.

Members of the Fr Francis Duffy Post are eager to attract new members into their branch of the American Legion. To qualify for membership, individuals must have served in the USA during war times - in the military, army, air force, marine corps, or coast guard.

Readers who may be interested in joining can contact Pat at 087 2814667 or by email at


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