Thursday 19 April 2018

Joe Scannell: A nice man who will always be remembered

The late Joe Scannell, Kiskeam.
The late Joe Scannell, Kiskeam.

IT was with deep sadness and sorrow that the news of the death of Joe Scannell of Kiskeam was received in Kiskeam and all over Duhallow as Joe will be remembered by everyone who knew him as a genuine, nice hearted man.

This was evident in his everyday life, from looking after his family to his interaction with his friends and neighbours, and with everyone he met along his way. If Joe could not do something good and nice for someone he did not do it at all. He was always there to help and do what was required at any time of the day or night.

But his main purpose in life was to look after Mary and his family.

Having spent a number of years early in his life in The Isle of Man, England and in Millstreet, he brought Mary and his family home to live in Kiskeam.

Joe did at work what he did in the rest of his life and that was his very best for whomever he was working for at the time. Anyone that saw him control a load of Readymix concrete will realise why Joe was a wanted man in any job he worked in.

But it was not alone for his concrete expertise that he was a great member of the team but the fact that Joe could turn his hand to any other job requiring to be done; which was what made Joe the valuable asset that he was.

At home in one of his favourite spots, his tunnel, he spent many hours planting and growing vegetables and flowers, and while there he enjoyed one of his favourite pastimes, listening to the radio.

After music and songs, another of Joe's loves was dancing and anyone who witnessed Joe dancing, maybe in the Why Not or somewhere else, would get tired just watching. But not Joe - while there was music and a partner available Joe was on the floor.

When it came to the cards at the Why Not each week, which in recent years was a major part of Joe's social life, he gave as much as he got when it came to arguing the count if it was in dispute, but the friendship built up around the cards is very evident by the support in this sad time of his fellow card players. I personally never played cards with Joe but I am sure that as in the rest of his life and dealing with other people Joe also did this in a way that never offended anyone.

Joe Scannell, you will be remembered as a "Nice Man" because that is what you were.

Timmy Lynch