Monday 11 December 2017

It's all work, play and excitement in Kanturk

The eight girls who started in The Convent of Mercy Primary School Kanturk.
The eight girls who started in The Convent of Mercy Primary School Kanturk.


THERE was just no stopping the 30 nippers who turned up for their first day of school at the Convent of Mercy NS in Kanturk on Monday morning.

Despite the sun shining, they were very content to stay indoors and lap up their new surroundings.

Dylan Twomey told The Corkman that he was so excited about going to the "big school" that he cried for a few minutes.

"But I soon got over the crying. I didn't spend a long time crying, just a few minutes or maybe half an hour. But I was fine after it. But I'm very happy now today as there's lots to do here," said Dylan with a big smile.

He said that, without question, his favourite aspect of school was the playtime, but he confided in this reporter that he also realised that he was expected to do some work.

"I've heard there's homework to be done, but not the first day, as I don't think I know that much for the homework," he said.

He said that he wants to become a vet as he was "crazy" about animals - in particular, he said reptiles were in his top 10.

Cute little Ellen O'Connell said she was "excited and nervous at the same time." She was very content at her table with her friends and said she would like to be a teacher when she grows up.

Four year-old Joe Murphy said he wasn't at all nervous. "I just like to play and have play time and have some fun," he said.

Joe also had pressing issues on his mind and asked this reporter just when could he eat his sandwiches as he had lots of nice things to gobble down in his lunchbox. "Yes, there's grapes, they are just my favourite. I'm just mad about grapes," he grinned with glee, as teacher Elaine Courtney gave the pupils the green light to open their lunchboxes.

Ms Courtney said that she too was looking forward to the year ahead. "Each of them has their own little personality," she said.


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