Friday 15 December 2017

IBAL chairman concerned over loss of town councils

THE Chairman of the Irish Business Against Litter League (IBAL) has expressed his concern for the future of litter-free towns once they lose their local authorities in the forthcoming reform of councils.

Dr Tom Cavanagh's home town of Fermoy finished 11th in this year's rankings, and was found to be cleaner than European Norms, but is one of 80 towns across Ireland that will lose a town council this year.

Dr Cavanagh said that the IBAL successes of towns like Fermoy can be attributed in part to their local council.

"What makes one town cleaner than another? Typically it is the commitment of the local council to ensuring the local streets are clean every day of the year.

"It becomes a source of pride to both the council and the townsfolk. That is at the heart of the success of the IBAL league," said Dr Cavanagh.

"When responsibility is removed outside the confines of the town, there is a danger that this commitment lessens.

"The Government needs to ensure that the tremendous strides made in recent years are not jeopardised by the proposed changes in the structure of local authorities," he added.


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