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Fitter, slimmer Martin to go the extra mile for autism dogs

Around Mallow

Well known Mallow man Martin Mullane is taking on a 20km walk next Sunday with all proceeds in aid of My Canine Companion Autism Service Dogs.

A few months ago after a visit to his doctor Martin was advised to lose some weight and immediately took to the highways and byways, including some mountain treks of North Cork, in an effort to fight the flab with the help of a personal coach, which has proved successful, as he has lost three stone after completing over 460km to date.

Martin offered his services to the group and his efforts will commence at 11am from the Arches car park next Sunday morning June 28. Martin and his followers will complete a 10km route which brings them back to Mallow before returning on the same route a second time to complete his charitable task.

You can donate by going to the Martin Mullane Facebook page or meeting him during the walk.

Please support.