Tuesday 21 November 2017

Deirdre's in great shape for exciting final week

'Transformation is amazing' for delighted mum

Deirdre Hosford (31) from Whitechurch, Co. Cork.
Deirdre Hosford (31) from Whitechurch, Co. Cork.

Ann Styles

CORK'S Deirdre Hosford has a very exciting final week lined up with RTE's Operation Transformation.

From stylists to fitness experts, the last week of Operation Transformation is a flurry of activity for the Whitechurch mum of two.

"We only have a few days until the fun run on Saturday. This week is very exciting but I'm trying to keep my head and I'm hoping it will all go very well," said Deirdre.

Off The Rails presenter Brendan Courtney met with Deirdre and the other leaders on Monday to discuss their new shapes and choose outfits for the grand finale.

On Sunday, Deirdre and her fellow leaders will take to the catwalk to strut their stuff, showing off their new figures and their newly found confidence.

Deirdre said Brendan was 'absolutely amazing' in helping the leaders to find what styles were best for their new body shapes.

But Brendan was not the only clothing expert in the mix. Bra fitting specialist Clodagh, from was also on hand to help the ladies. "It completely changes your shape when your boobs are where they are supposed to be. We were all wearing the wrong bras, by about three sizes," said Deirdre.

"I walked out of the room saying oh my God. The transformation was amazing," she added.

Deirdre is a little apprehensive about the 5km run on Saturday as each leader will have an expert running with them and rumours are that Deirdre's buddy will be Karl Henry. "It's nightmare stuff really because he definitely won't let me away with anything," said Deirdre.

The most important thing for anyone embarking on a similar transformation, according to Deirdre, is to have a realistic goal and be in the right frame of mind to achieve it.

For her, the fun run was that goal, spurring her on and helping her to become the lightest she has been since she was 17.

Now that Deirdre has transformed her life, she is confident that she can maintain these changes and will "never go back'.


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