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Community news: Millstreet Matters

Millstreet is getting tidier by the month


The enthusiastic Millstreet Tidy Town Association earned a massive seven mark increase and a bronze medal in the national competition.

Marks are hard earned. Millstreet jumping from 314 to 321 marks is enhanced by the positive reaction from the Tidy Towns adjudicator together with a number of exciting developments in the pipeline augurs well for the future.

The outcome gives a dedicated Millstreet Tidy Towns Association the impetus to strive for further success, obtaining a bronze medal and retaining its premier category status in North Cork.

A synopsis of the Adjudicators report reads:

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Community - Your Planning and Involvement

With a committee of 18 and an additional 25 volunteers to assist in various jobs when needed, having the Men's Shed building bird boxes and flower planters is wonderful.

In addition to state and semi-state agencies, there is also support from local businesses and voluntary organisations, some of whom have sponsored a wildlife study of the area.

Good communication is very important for a Tidy Towns committee's success involving the local community and we commend your use of a website, Facebook, local newspapers, local radio, parish newsletter and calling to premises to encourage participation.

We read with interest your connections with local schools and wonder if you have thought about setting up a Junior Tidy Town's group? Participation in the Tidy Town's competition fosters a sense of pride in a community and encourages volunteerism.

Streetscape and Public Places

The main streets have buildings of varying architectural styles which contribute to the overall beauty of the streetscape.

There are modest one and two storey houses juxtaposed with elaborate three storey properties in the centre of the town which gives it great character.

Add to these, the great historic properties and you have Millstreet in a nutshell.

What a tremendous range of historic structures you have and the Heritage Trail will be an excellent way of visiting a lot of these by foot.

Amongst the building of interest are St Patrick's church, the AIB and Bank of Ireland buildings, and the Train Station buildings.

We loved the simplicity of the recently painted shop fronts of P Corcoran and Tangney.

The mural depicting the Mill Race circa 1910 on the gable of the building on Mill View was also admired.

Green Spaces and Landscaping

The Town Park is well used with its variety of sports pitches, exercise machines and areas to walk and play.

We commend Cork Co Council on the new buildouts which contain the Hornbeam trees and planting beds.

As your streets are very wide in some instances, these can be easily accommodated and indeed we encourage more of this type of build-outs by the Local Authority as there is a distinct lack of trees within the built-up areas of the town.

There are various areas around the towns where there are raised and low stone planting beds and all looked very well with a variety of plants, flowers and grasses.

We were delighted to read that you are concentrating on pollinator friendly herbaceous perennials in your new planting schemes. The picnic area near Drishane Castle was noted.

Nature and Biodiversity in your Locality

The wildflower area in the Town Park which was full of bees and butterflies, we admired the sign on Wildlife in Millstreet Town Park recommending that the visitor to look out for six species.

Could this be a project for local school children and the TidyTowns committee? Perhaps a poster competition?

The Pollinator Park is a great idea and the information panel shows what flowers our pollinators visit and what the individual can do to help our pollinators.

Tidiness and Litter Control

Your weekly clean-up Thursdays are working well as there was very little litter around the town. The recycling area was also neat and the bins had been recently emptied.

We have seen signs painted on the streets encouraging owners to clean up after their dogs and this is something you might consider in areas where you feel there is a problem rather than putting signs on lamp posts which people tend to ignore.

Information and road signage throughout the town was good and the upright posts had been recently painted and looked appealing.

Some of the stone signs (e.g. at Mill Street) need to be cleaned and the lettering picked out perhaps in white to make them legible.

Sustainability - Doing more with less

We look forward to hearing about the Smart Store Food Initiative with the Southern Regional Waste Management, Cork County Council and Super Valu.

A small sticker is recommended to be put on the doors of these premises which show that they are promoting this initiative.

We commend your involvement in the three Grow It Yourself schemes - the Boys National School, the Respond Group and the Sheltered Housing.

Residential Streets & Housing Areas

In addition to the residential street in the town you also have a number of fine housing estates on the outskirts.

Some of the houses in the town had planters outside their doors or had planting boxes on their window cills with colourful flowers and some trailing plants.

Most of the housing estates were well maintained with the grass in the open space neatly trimmed and trees and shrubs looked healthy.

Some unnecessary herbicide spraying has been carried out at the edges of the green spaces in some of the estates.

Using a hoe/ edge trimmer once a year will trim back this grass and leave the grass / kerb junction looking good.

We note your involvement with the Dulux Paint Scheme Initiative and commend your work on painting the derelict building in the town.

Approach Roads, Streets and Lanes

The entrance roads with their grass margins lined with mature trees, shrub beds, neatly trimmed hedgerows and colourful flower beds serve to welcome the visitor to your town.

The signage on the approach roads proudly display linkage with Pommerit-le-Vicomte.

Within the town itself the new limestone pathways looked good, we did notice cracks in the limestone paviours and suggest that a better-quality limestone (thicker) paviour be used.

The interconnecting lane ways are a testament to the historic nature of the town.

There were potholes and edge breakup on quite a few of the smaller roads/streets around the town.

Road markings in quite a few areas were badly worn and need to be redone and in some areas they were non-existent.