Monday 22 July 2019

Col. Treasa students set out for BT Young Scientists Exhibition

Kanturk Calling

Sheila Fitzgerald

Ten students from Coláiste Treasa, Kanturk, who are heading off this week to the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition in Dublin, are hoping to emulate their predecessors who blazed a trail of success at the competition in recent years.

Hannah Walsh, Katie Savage, Ava Hynes, Aoife O'Brien, Ailish O'Hanlon, Abby Reynolds, Cillian O'Sullivan, Vivienne Field, Dara O'Shea and David Grey will showcase a series of ground breaking subjects at the competition with the following projects which they hope will make a good impression on the judges:

Diabetes : 'Don't Sugar Coat it' - improving the general populations understanding of Type 2 Diabetes to support prevention. (Hannah Walsh)

A statistical analysis of the impact of playing golf on the self esteem and well being of female adolescents. (Ava Hynes & Katie Savage)

'What do you think of me?' A statistical analysis of adolescents and elderly people's perception of ageing. (Abby Reynolds, Ailish O'Hanlon & Aoife O'Brien)

Reducing toxic heavy metals in the global food chain. (Cillian O'Sullivan & David Grey)

'The shape of you' - The push and pull on body image accuracy in Irish adolescents. (Vivienne Field & Dara O'Shea).

All at the school and in Kanturk wish the students all the best for the competition.