Monday 26 February 2018

Club's focus on snappers

invite to join camera club


FERMOY camera club has issued an open invitation for local people with a passion for photography to join its ranks.

Set up in October 2010 by Jim Bartley, the club has gone from strength to strength and now boasts more than 50 members of all ages and from a variety of different backgrounds.

Club PRO Basil O'Sullivan said its aim was to provide a friendly and supportive forum for people with a keen interest in photography, regardless of whether they are beginners or have years of experience behind the camera lens.

"The club ethos is very much based around having fun with the camera and to share that enthusiasm and experience with other members of the club. We also strive to bring photography to the local community through a visual record of local characters, events and the greater Fermoy environs," said Basil.

"To enjoy our club all you need is passion for, and an appreciation of, photography and a willingness to take part in our regular meetings and events. This is a great way for people with a shared interest in the art of photography to meet, swap tips and ideas and be part of a vibrant and exciting group," he added.

The club meets twice a month and has regular competitions, usually based on a specific theme as well as outings to places of visual interest.

The March competition, entitled 'Macro/Close Up' had 31 entries with subject matter including doll's heads, wildlife, insects, glasses and various foodstuffs.

The overall winner and first in grade 2 was Rose Dorgan with her stunning image simply entitled 'Glasses', with images by Lee Fox, Finbarr O'Hanlon and An O'Sullivan also highly commended.

Fermoy Camera Club meet on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in the Anderson Room at the Fermoy Community Centre on Ashe Quay between 7.45pm and 10pm.

To find out more about the club visit


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