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Autumn horse fair returns on Sunday


School days are back and that's confirmed with the staging of the annual Autumn Horse Fair in Millstreet on this Sunday.

The traditional Millstreet Horse Fair maintains a long standing tradition with patrons from all walks of life, near and afar, converging to continue a custom dating back many generations.

Nowadays young people come in support out of a sense of curiosity and their elders enliven a sense of nostalgia that despite the arrival of a new technological age, the Fair maintains its magical appeal.

The fair, once upon a time provided horses for the armies of Europe and, closer to home, Guinness Brewery availed of equine stock to draw their popular stout all over the country.

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From the more recent times, the horse fair is now more of a social outing by meeting renewing acquaintances and generating new friendships.

And all the trappings of the modern day Horse Fair will again be present with the streets a flow with stalls of every conceivable nature.

The passage of time has failed to knock the staging of Horse Fair Day in Millstreet and on Sunday next, crowds from far and wide will convene to salute another eagerly awaited hosting.