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Around the Districts: Buttevant and Lismire


The St. Mary's, Charleville Cadets basket ball team that defeated Colaiste Treasa Kanturk last week.

The St. Mary's, Charleville Cadets basket ball team that defeated Colaiste Treasa Kanturk last week.

The St. Mary's Secondary School, Charleville senior basket ball team that was defetaed by the Colaiste Treasa, Kanturk team last week.

The St. Mary's Secondary School, Charleville senior basket ball team that was defetaed by the Colaiste Treasa, Kanturk team last week.


The St. Mary's, Charleville Cadets basket ball team that defeated Colaiste Treasa Kanturk last week.




Now that Hallowe’en has passed, can Christmas be far behind? The advertising campaigns are well under way, and there will be a massive rush, as the blessed time draws near. What with the Covid-19 backlog and the many restrictions, trade-wise, and transportation difficulties, things are sure to be a virtual ‘rat-race’ as people clamour, and tussle, for their requirements, to obtain the required desires, for their siblings, and relatives, friends, and those close to them.

Everybody will need to exercise patience, courtesy and goodwill, as their required objects may not be available. The world is changing daily, and what may have been available, in former times, may not now be that easy to access.

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Having been curtailed, from operating, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Radcliffe Dance Academy”, has resumed its’ weekly instruction classes, in R.A.D., syllabus, under qualified instruction. The classes, are held, weekly, in Buttevant, and Charleville, with qualified instruction from, tutor, and co-ordnator, Ms., Lesley Ann Radcliffe. Buttevant classes, are held, on Friday evenings, in the Muintir na Tire Hall, Buttevant, with classes being held, in Charleville, on Saturdays’. Examinations, in tuition studies, are optinal. Places, in the classes, are limited, and all tuition activities, are Covid Compliant”. For all details, and information, contact, Lesley Ann Radcliffe, on 0871201001.


With so many events, having been curtailed, over the past year, or more, then annual Shoebox Christmas Appeal, also suffered, due to the restrictions, imposed world-wide. The Christmas Shoebox Appeal, in Buttevant, will take place, again, this year, and will welcome all contributions, no matter how,”little or large”. Buttevant, has always been an ardent supporter, of this worthy cause, and appeal, and this year, I am sure, will be no exception. For all information, please contact long-standing, appeal co-ordinator, Ms., Mary Corbett, Main Street, Buttevant.


Buttevants long established, and award winning school, of dance, resumed their regular dance classes, on Saturday, October 9, in Buttevant Community Council, Muintir na Tire Hall, following the lifting of the Covid-19-Pandemic restrictions. Numbers, attending classes, will be limited, for the present, but will be reviewed accordingly. Please contact classes co-ordinator, and teacher, Theresa, at your earliest convenience on, 087-2424143, for all details, and enquiries.


During the past few days, working members, of the Bord of Works, in conjunction with Buttevant Heritage Group, have been busy, in Buttevant, erecting some new signs, to compliment those already, in situ, at various locations, within the town. These signs contain relevant information, regarding the Heritage, and Historical History, appertaining to Buttevant, throughout its’ existence, on how the first inhabitants existed, built homes, developed businesses, raised families, and made Buttevant well known throughout the world. These signs are very eye catching, colourful, informative, and give major information regarding Buttevants’ history, and heritage. These signs will be full of information, particularly for visiting tourists, local history buffs, and present, and future generations. It has become apparent, that the Heritage Council, of Ireland, will have a major input into, Saint Paticks’ Day”, celebrations of -2022-, and into the long term future.


Following the long suspension, of all indoor gatherings, due to the -Covid-19-Pandemic-Restrictions, the weekly Bingo Seasion, has returned to, Buttevant G.A.A., following a long anticipated wait by regular players. The Bingo Session, re-commenced, on Monday night last September,-13th., -2021-, and was well attended, and supported by the local Bingo Brigade. These sessions were, and will be a weekly get-together, and social occassion, for many local, and visiting, attendees. Scanning, of patrons, will commence @07.30p.m., for an 08.00p.m., start. Wishing you all the best of luck, and eyes down, for your gaming outlet, and occasion.


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, many parishes locally, and nation-wide, have has to re-schedule,their weekend, and weekly Mass services. This arrangement has also come about, due to the decrease, in vocations, to the priesthood. Buttevant has also to adhere, to this arrangement with, and including, local parishes. These new arrangements will come into force, on the first weekend, of October.

No Vigil mass in Churchtown, or Liscarroll, throughout the year. Vigil Mass, In Buttevant, @06.30P.m., in February, April, June, August, October, And December. Vigil Mass, in Lisgriffin, @06.30P.m., in January, March, May, July, September, and November. Vigil Mass, in Ballyclough, @07.30P.m., throughout the year.

Sunday Mass, in Liscarroll @09.00A.m., throughout the year. Sunday Mass, in Kilbrin, @10.00A.m., throughout the year. Sunday Mass, in Churchtown, @ 11.00a.m. throughout the year. Sunday Mass, In Buttevant @12.00Noon, throughout the year.

Monday Mass, in Buttevant, @10.00A.m., every week. Tuesday Mass, in Lisgriffin, @10.00A.m., every week. Wednesday Mass, in Buttevant @10.00A.m., every week. No Mass, on Thursdays, in this Parish. Thursday Mass, in Liscarroll 10.00A.m., throughout the year. Friday Mass, in Buttevant 10.00A.m., every week.


Down through the years, the local Post Office, has been a main stay, in the life of Buttevant Town, its’ people, Businesses, and many North Cork hinterlands. Buttevant Post Office offers a range of financial services, which have increased since the closure of, the local previous bank service, and branch. Buttevant Post Office, offers a wide-range of banking services, to the local inhabitants, and also provides a service, to near-by parishes, and communities. The services include banking with, A.I.B.; Ulster Bank, and will soon have Bank of Ireland service available, for customers. The office also provides, Cash/Lodgements/Withdrawls; Cheque Lodgements; Business Lodgements; Credit Card Payments; Cash Lodgements; Business Lodgements (Cash Only), and many other services, for all customers.

The post office, in Buttevant, now has facilities for, Bank of Ireland, customers. Many, and several businesses, have re-opened, following the lifting of, -Covid-19- restrictions. Commercial, academic, and shopping outlets, have again, come on-stream, giving a format of, near normality, to the general public. Buttevant has seen the emergence of, some new businesses, which will have an impact on, the life of the community, and the town,in general.

The local vetenary clinic has, in recent weeks, expanded its’ premises, and given a new look to, the town square area. Also, in close proximity, a Stone, Gravel, Sand, and general building materials facility, has opened, on a site, on the Doneraile Road area, of the town. Some premises, have also been given a face-lift, and new-look appearance, which enhances the appearance, of the town, in general. Best of luck, to these new ventures, and also to all existing businesses, and developers.


Having been suspended, due to the–Covid-19-Pandemic, Buttevant Soccer Clubs’ Local Weekly Lotto Draw, has been re-instated, and membership, can be had, through local retail outlets, and appointed soccer club members. Due to some previous mis- prints, in this column, the weekly Lotto Jackpot Monetary Prize Fund, has reached the princely sum of €3,800 and will continue to rise, weekly, until won, by some lucky draw entrant. The winning, or sharing, of this substantial Jackpot, rests on, the choice of, four lucky numbers, to match the four lucky numbers, drawn, on draw night. The draw takes place, weekly, on Thursday night, at the club pavilion, at New Street, Buttevant, and is live streamed, on the clubs’ live-stream facility. So buy a draw ticket, and be in with a chance, to win, or share €3,800.


These past few weeks, have seen an historic move, on the part of the Government, with the easing, and lifting of, the Covid-19 restrictions, which have dominated peoples’ lives, for over the past year, or so. This period, will be a great chance, and test, of the courage, durability, and endurance, of the Irish population, and their resilience, and will be a showcase, for us all to show, the world, how we can battle, even the most demanding of tests, problems, and difficulties. Let us all make a very determined effort, on this occasion, to combat this fatal pandemic, and make the world, which we live in, a better,safer, and fatal pandemic free zone, for the future generations, who will inhabit, this ever demanding, and developing world.


The club facilities are now under limited Covid—19-, restrictions. Further details can be had by contacting -086-1276374.


Buttevant Saint Vincent de Paul association, has a dedicated helpline, for those in the community, who may need assistance, to provide for themselves, or their families. Please contact, -086-0209477, in strictest confidence.


Footballers in County Final

Goals win matches and Lismire bagged 3 in the last 10 minutes to overpower highly fancied Ballypheane in the semi-final of the County Junior C Football Championship at the 4G pitch at Pairc Ui Chaoimh recently. Two goals by Mark Field followed by two converted frees to Damien Finn set Lismire on their way and when Darren O’Sullivan billowed the net in injury time Lismire turned a 5 point deficit to a 5 point win to secure the club’s first ever County Football Final appearance. Full report in the sports pages. Lismire now play Araglen in the County Final which is provisionally fixed for the weekend of the 4/5 December.

Scrap Metal

A final load of scrap metal is being prepared for collection before year end. If you have any unwanted scrap metal, please bring it to the GAA Grounds and leave it at the designated scrap metal area.

Please be reminded that only scrap metal and batteries are suitable for recycling e.g., farm machinery, old cars, engines & parts, gates, corrugated iron, wheelbarrows, trailer chassis, cement mixers, transport boxes, electric motors, batteries, milk cans, slurry tanks, electric cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, radiators, food mixers, lead, bicycles, solid fuel cookers, barrels and any old iron. Please do not bring fridges, freezers, timber, plastics or tyres.