Wednesday 16 October 2019

Around the districts: Buttevant and Liscarroll

Members of Kilshannig Instrumental Music Group were thrilled to win a first Munster Senior Scór title
Members of Kilshannig Instrumental Music Group were thrilled to win a first Munster Senior Scór title

Buttevant - Parade: The annual Saint Patricks' Day Parade will be held again in Buttevant this year 2019 as per usual. Parades have been cancelled in numerous places due to insurance costs and in many instances lack of community interest. Buttevants' parade has been on-going since time immemorial and is a high-light in the town for generations. Buttevant Community Council is the promotor of this annual event which is usually well supported.

The parade will be held on the feast day of the National Saint Saint Patrick on Sunday March 17th. It is hoped that all local sporting clubs' community groups organisations businesses and any other persona who may wish to participate will turn-up on the day and become part of this annual celebration.

The parade will assemble at Barrack Place Buttevant from 10.00a.m. and all participants are urged to be in attendance at that time. The parade will commence at -10.30a.m. and make its' way through Barrack Place Military Road Bank Place and Main Street through Richmond Street where the parade will disband at the local national primary school. Safety is of the ultimate importance and everybody is asked to obey the stewards who will supervise the parade. Show your "pride-of-place" and come out and partakem and support your local parade and be part of what is one of the few remaining days' of Irish National Culture.


Ash Wednesdaywhich heralds the commencement of the Lenten ReligiousmSeason was celebrated on Wednesday March 06th. 2019 last. Blessing and distribution of the blessed ashes sas held in Saint Marys' Church at the 10 00a.m. Mass and in Lisgriffin Church at 7.00p.m.

Parish Folk Group: weekly lessons have resumed on Tuesday evenings at 07.00p.m. in the Church.

Spring Station Masses: These are now being arranged locally.

Cloyne diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes on May 31st to June 5th inclusive.


Apart from the content of litter on the local streets It is sad to see that there is an abundance of dog-pooh all over the footpaths as it appears that some animal owners are not cleaning up when their pets have done their business.It is hard to avoid the soiling in all places which is unsightly and can be dangerous if stepped on particularly by our senior citizens.

Also there is an amount of litter strewn all over the footpaths and street particularly at the weekends. The majority of this litter is as a result of people dropping their remanants of their fast-food purchases. Sadly Buttevant has no on-street litter bins which would aleviate the problem somewhat

The bins were removed originally because people were depositing household rubbish in the bins. The new flower and seating areas are currently serving the town well as litter deposit areas. The entrances to the town from all directions are also very unsightly and an amount of household litter is causing the outlying areas to appear untidy unkept and dis-pleasingand un-becoming to the eye.

A spontaneous visit from the County litter warden might help the current situation. People should be more litter conscious and take their littter home with them. Perhaps the introduction of more secure litters bins comparable to those in other towns would help the local litter problem. Maybe the introduction of a weekly or forthrightly "large super skip collection" might eleviate the ever consuming litter dumping problem.

Be vigilant

Following another spate of break-Ins and robberies locally we would all do well to be on high-alert and vigilant regarding our properties and neighbourhood. We should also be attentive to our elderly residents and living alone sick and infirm neighbours.

There is a CCTV system within the town but it does not cover all visible residential areas and is only accessible to some appointed persons. Many people also find that CCTV is an invasion of a persons private and personal persona, but it isis often a most desirable and worthwhile crime protection facility.

Crime is no longer committed during the hours of darkness and the majority of incidents happen during daylight hours. We should be alert to and conscious of suspicious persons acting suspiciously and also be aware of unusual activities and suspicious vehicles operating in all areas. Always report whatever persons or unusual ahappenings you may perceive to the relevant authorities.

Buttevant has recently been assigned three garda personnel for a number of hours during the day. Perhaps the presence of the Gardai "on the beat" will deter the recent criminal activity in the area and give the local residents a sense of security. This development is more than welcome .


Buttevant Soccer Club promotes a weekly local lottery draw to help finance the clubs' expenses and activities. The winning or sharing of the substantial monetary jackpot rests on the choice of four lucky numbers to match the four lucky numbers drawn on draw night. The lottery jackpot now stands at €20000- and will continue to rise until won by some lucky entrant. The draw takes place weekly on Thursday night at an appointed local public venue.. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Dorada Dance School

Dorada school of dance continues to be a major player in the entertainment scene of Buttevant with their weekly classes continuing to nurture dance drama and entertainment in general in all the pupils attending.

The weekly classes are held in the Muintir na Tire Hall Buttevant on Saturdays and have resumedfollowing the mid-term break.

Commencing on this Saturday Tiny Tots classes will begin at 12 noon. Intermediate classes will commence at 12.30p.m. and the Advanced class will begin at -01.30p.m.

All information can be had by contacting Theresa Hynes on 087-72324143.


The weekly bingo session continues in Buttevant on Monday night in the local G.A.A. Hall with numerous monetary prizes to be won.

There is a substantial bingo jackpot to be won as well as an in-house lottery and an extra sheet game.

There is also a 50/50- draw for attendees. The jackpot now stands at around the €-5350- and will continue to rise weekly until won by some lucky attendee. The games get under at 08.30p.m. and as the jackpot rises so will the number of players attending.


Further to all the other activities available in the parish Buttevant has also a regular ballet class which is held weekly in the Muintir na Tire Hall. Membership is available to anyone who wishes to have their children learn the ballet form and the tutor of the art can be contacted at the Muintir na Tire Hall during the weekly classes on the appointed evening.

GAA draw

The local G.A.A. club is at present promoting a €15000 Car Prize Draw in conjunction with the Cork County G.A.A. Board. This draw will be held in April and will no doubt attact a full compliment of members. Tickets sold by the local G.A.A. club will will be entered into a separate Confined Draw for the local club members. Five people will then be drawn out to partake in a final prize draw. Prizes for the draw will include prizes of €250 to €1500 inclusive on the appointed draw night. Draw entry tickets at €20 can be purchased from local club members and local players. The funds raised will be used to upgrade he playing pitch and purchased the necessary items associated with the pitch and playing facilities.

SVP helpline

Buttevant Saint Vincent de Paul association has a dedicated helpline for those in the community who may need assistance to provide for themselves or their families. Please contact 086-0209477 in strictest confidence.

Be alter

With the arrival of the extreme weather and almost arctic climatic conditions which will deteriorate as the winter season progresses be alert to the needs conditions and general care of your elderly living alone or infirm neighbour and keep a watchful eye-out for their well-being. It is imperative to be ever vigilant particularly as society as we now know it continues to change day-by-day and is ever challenging with the value on life people and propertymany personal possessions being de-valued by some sectors of society.


Sympathy is extended to those who have suffered a bereavement or personal loss recently.

Well wishes

Well wishes go to those who are ill at home or in hospital at this time.


Liscarroll AC

Several members of the club were honoured with awards at the Mallow and District Sports and Leisure Council awards at a special function held at the Springfort Hall on Saturday night last. This ceremony has been ongoing since 1991 and many of our athletes in the past who lived in or attended secondary school in the catchment area have been the recipients of these awards. Congratulations to everyone who attended and received these awards for their athletic activities, hard work and commitment to their sport in 2018.

Those, who received awards, and in no particular order, were Finbarr Whelan, Joseph Cusack, Joe Ivory, Aoife O'Sullivan, Irene Kellegher, Sophie Perrott, Vicklie Cusack, Anna Kellegher, Amy Whelan, Isobelle Kellegher, Tim and Esther Fitzpatrick.

The event was sponsored by the Corkman newspaper and Mallo0w Mabels and AIB Mallow.

Hopefully these awards will inspire everyone involved and those who are not yet old enough to be participants, will gain some inspiration for 2019 and put on even better performances in their individual sports.

Many thanks to the organisers of this event and we all look forward to the next one.

VICKIE CUSACK - Vickie is now a member of our Irish Defence Forces and recently competed in their all-Ireland Athletics Championships held at Athlone a week ago. She competed in three events winning gold in all of them, ie long jump, 60m sprint and shot put. Well done to her for her success and for continuing in the sport of athletics.

TRAINING - Athletes, who are of competition age, eg celebrating their eighth birthday in 2019 and older, are reminded that their County Championships are only seven training weeks away. Everyone in the above mentioned age group will be eligible to participate.

Some are making very good progress, but others are lackadaisical about training. There are also many events that we have not been able to get involved in due to dark evenings and we hope to be able to get going on these shortly. In the meantime, training sessions are as follows.

Friday, March 8 (today) at Charleville 6.30 p.m. to 8 p.m. (all ages)

Monday, March 11, at Liscarroll 6.30 to 7.30 p.m. (all ages)

Thursday, March 14, Little Athletics at Liscarroll, 6.30 to 7.30 p.m.

Extra training sessions may be added shortly, which will be announced at training or by email.

DON'T FORGET - New members are welcome any time. Anyone that's interested may turn up at any of our training sessions listed above.

Contact can be made by phoning 087 6888591, 022 72963,022 48302.

2019 FIXTURES - Sunday, March 10; all-Ireland Masters Indoors at Athlone.

Saturday, March 30; Day oneAll-Ireland under-12 to 19 Indoors at Athlone

Sunday, March 31; Day twoAll-Ireland under-12 to 19 Indoors at Athlone.

Saturday, April 6; Day threeAll-Ireland under-12 to 19 Indoors at Athlone

CLUB EVENTS FOR 2019 - Sat. April 20; Liscarroll AC Easter 5k Trail Run at Doneraile Park at 11 a.m.

Sunday, August 11; Liscarroll AC annual Open Sports at 1 p.m.

Fri. August 16 ; Liscarroll AC 'Tom Fitzpatrick Memorial' 10km plus 5km Road races.

Upcoming Sports Meeting Dates.

Sun. April 7. Gneeveguilla Juvenile Open Sports at Riocht track.

Sunday, April 7; Ferrybank Open Sports at Waterford RSC.

Sunday, April 28; Leevale Juvenile Open Sports at CIT Cork.