Saturday 7 December 2019

Around the districts: Buttevant

Buttevant: Panto - Plans and rehearsals are in "full swing" for the annual panto which is promoted by "Buttevant Panto Club" in association with the "Dorada School of Dance" Buttevant.

This annual extravaganza is always eagerly awaited for and both participants and audiences are always waiting in anticipation for the "Curtain Up" date. This annual "showcase" always enthralls audiences as the performances are always full of fun frolics and frivolity. There is always entertainment in the Panto to keep young and old engaged throughout the show.

There is an age range of participants from the very youngto the more mature entertainers. As yet the title of this years' theme is not known but will become more public as the actual performance date approaches.


A fundraising event took place at the "Black Rose Bar" formerly " The Crossroads" on November 22nd.2019 to raise much needed funds for the newly established"Irish Community Rapid Response Air Ambulance " service.

This service is based in Rathcoole Mallow Co.Cork. and is a " Helicopter Emergency Medical Service" and is in operation since July 2019 and is funded entirely by publicand community donations. The service is a community based service and is operated by the cooperation of Irish Community Rapid Response and the "HSE's National Ambulance Service". The service needs to raise €2m. yearly to keep operating.

The charity is funding the helicopter the pilots the fuel and the airbase.

The National Ambulance Service is resourcing the medical staff and coordinating all the tasking of the craft through its' aeromedical base in Tallagh Dublin. The service is appealing to businesses companies and community leaders to support the fundraising ventures.

Christmas Bazaar

The annual "Christmas Bazaar" in aid of "Saint Johns' Church of Ireland" Church Buttevant is now an annual event in the locality. There are always numerous stalls displaying and selling seasonal items to raise much needed funds to keep this ancient and preserved building intact. There will be home produce seasonal gifts bricabrac and numerous other items on offer during the event. There will also be a surprise "visitor" to meet the young children as " Santa" will make a surprise visit at the bazaar. Your admission ticket will also entitle you to a "Cuppa" and a delicious "cake.

Sunday December 1st is the day for some bargains to be obtained for the Christmas season. Thenbazaar will be held betwwen the hours of 1p.m. and 3pm inclusive.Your support will much be appreciated.

Good luck

Good luck and best wishes are extended to local farmer and community activist John Coughlan Buttevant who is contesting the position to become National President of The Irish Farmers Association for the coming elective period. John is and always has been on the frontline where concerns need to the addressed concerning agricultural matters and farming concerns for farming families and their needs and entitlements John is well equippedand experienced for the position having served throughout the years on many national organisations and committees where farming and agricultural matters are involved. "Go neirie do Bothar Leat" leis an turas seo".

Community Council

Buttevant Community Council having resumed their monthly meetings are already to the forefront of activity for the good of the town and the local community. The Community Council is currently lobbying Councillors T.D's and authoritative organisations and groups with a view to perfect the traffic situation at the Colaiste Mhuire entrance which is causing "mayhem"with the "willynilly" parking being practised by motorists parking at the entrance.

This situation is an accident waiting to happen and no doubt will not be rectified until some serious accident occurs there. Parents and guardians should realise the dangerous situation they are causing by obstructing passing traffic and also by parking in the industrial estate where businesses are working hard to make a living. Please be more considerate when and where you park when "dropping off" your childrenattending the Colaiste.

The Community Council is also liasioning with "Bus Eireann" and Cork County Council with the possibility of erecting two bus shelters on the Main Street of Buttevant.

Litter is still a problem in the town with no respect being shown with the depositing of litter in all areas. The Community Council is contacting Cork County Council with the view of having at least a twiceweekly "streetsweep" and general landscape improvement and also the possibility of having a "litter warden" patrolling the town area and environs on certain days of the week.

Some dog owners are still oblivious when it comes to cleaningup when their canine and feline pets have deposited their "poohdroppings" on the footpaths and walkways within the town. It takes very little time to gather up the animal residue and take it home with your pets. The droppings are unsightly and can cause pedestrians young and notsoyoung to have an unexpected fall when the residue is stepped on. Do take care and be aware of the dangers your pets' depositing can cause.

Although everybody may not agree in general that the Community Council is of benefit to the town and there are those who are constantly "talking down" the organisation Buttevant Community Council is always to the forefront where Buttevant and its' residents are concerned. The Community Council and its' officers are always available to offer help and adviceand direction to anyone who may need help with the relevant authorities governing bodies and organisation in obtaining the advice and help they may need.

Slimming World

A new "fitness and slimming" programme has commenced in Buttevant for all who may be interested in perfecting their already almost perfect body form and becoming more agile and fit for the now more than stressful world and lifestyle. The classes will be held in the Muintir na Tire Hall Buttevant each Saturday commencing at 09.00a.m. All details can be had by contacting Paula on 0831912347.


Buttevant Badminton Club has recommenced their weekly badminton sessions for the forthcoming "winter season". The weekly training and game sessions are held in the Buttevant G.A.A. Hall. The sessions this season will be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 8.30. p.m. each night. Whilst the regular members will be in attendance the club is also welcoming " new attendees"who may be interested in becoming members. Why not give this activeand exciting game


The local parish choir will continue rehearsals on the first Monday of each monthbetween 7.15p.m. and 8.00p.m. New members are always welcome. Parish Folk Groupweekly lessons have resumed on Tuesday evenings at 7.00p.m. The annual Station Masses have now been completed throughout the Parochial Districts. Lisgriffin Folk Group has also resumed rehearsals and will continue weekly on Friday evenings in the Church between the hours of 6.00.p.m. and 7.00p.m. inclusive.

The annual Cemetery Prayersin the Parish Cemeteries during November 2019 have now been completed.

Christmas Party organised by the Mercy Day Care Centre will be held at "The Black Rose Bar"/"Crossroads Bar" Buttevant on Sunday December 1st at 02.30 p.m. All details can be had by contacting the Mercy Day Care Centre Buttevant as soon as possible.

Holy Souls

Petition forms and envelopes are available on the table at the Church door for parishioners who may wish to have their deceased relatives included in Church Masses during the month of November2019.

Carol service

The annual "Christmas Carol Service" is again being held this year in Saint Marys' Church Buttevant. This annual service will be held on Sunday December 8th at 7.OOp.m. and will include all the local schools musical groups and choral organisations offering a varied programme of seasonal songs melodies and music.

Band workshop

Scoil Mhuire na Trocaire Buttevant has begun an afterschool band workshop. The school is on the lookout for instruments to complement the few instruments it has got. Donations of instruments from persons who no longer use them will be greatly acknowledged. Contact can be made with the school through the appropriate channels.

Soccer Club

The club facilities are now a available for Parties Special Occasions and other celebratory occasions at very reasonable fees. All club facilities can be availed on for your special function. Further details can be had by contacting 0861276374.

Buttevant Soccer Club promotes a weekly local lottery draw to help finance the clubs' expenses and activities. The winning or sharing of the substantial monetary jackpot rests on the choice of four lucky numbers to match the four lucky numbers drawn on draw night. A new jackpot of €7900 is now on offer by entering the draw. The amount will continue to rise until won by some lucky entrant. The draw takes place weekly on Thursday night at an appointed local public venue. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Tidy Towns

The tidy towns have arranged to meet on Thursday evenings at 7.00p.m. at Lombards' Castle. It is their aim to keep the town looking colourful and in clean condition to be admired by locals visitors and passing commutersand maybe possible and potential businesses and developers.

Be vigilant

Following breakIns and robberies locally we would all do well to be on highalert and vigilant regarding our properties and neighbourhood. We should also be attentive to our elderly residents and living alone sick and infirm neighbours.

There is a CCTV system within the town but it does not cover all visible residential areas and is only accessible to some appointed persons. The majority of people also find that CCTV is an invasion of a persons private and personal persona. Crime is no longer committed during the hours of darkness and the majority of incidents happen during daylight hours.

We should be alert to and conscious of suspicious persons acting suspiciously and also be aware of unusual activities and suspicious vehicles operating in all areas. Always report whatever persons or unusual happenings you may perceiveor observe to the relevant authorities.

Dorada Dance School

Dorada school of dance continues to be a major player in the entertainment scene of Buttevant with their weekly classes continuing to nurture dance drama and entertainment in general in all the pupils attending. The weekly classes are held in the Muintir na Tire Hall Buttevant on Saturdays. Commencing with Tiny Tots classes at 12noon. Intermediate classes will commence at 12.30p.m. and the Advanced class will begin at 1.30p.m. All information can be had by contacting Theresa Hynes on 0872324143.

Road Running Club

Buttevant road running club continues to be very active in all forms of road runningand athletic meets throughout the local areas and further afield. Training sessions continue on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7.15p.m. Tuesday night runs will be held outdoors and Thursday night runs will take place indoors. Please check the clubs' Facebook for all details. Sunday morning runs meet each Sunday at the local Coop. at 9.00am. HiVis vests/bibs are compulsory. All participants must be over 18years of age. The club can also be contacted by email at New members are always welcome.


The weekly bingo session in Buttevant continues weekly in the local G.A.A. Hall. There are numerous monetary prizes to be won with a substantial monetary jackpot to be won and will continue to rise until won. The jackpot of €7200 was won on Monday night last November 25th.2019by a lucky player from Mallow. There will also be an inhouse lottery and an extra sheet game. There is also a 50/50 draw for attendees. The games get under at 08.30p.m. and as the jackpot rises so will the number of players attending. Your continuing support is greatly appreciated.

Heritage Group

Buttevant Heritage Group recently celebrated National Heritage Week which took place again this year. The guided tours of local heritage and archaeological locations and buildings within the Buttevant area continue regularly. The local heritage walking tours continue as per usual each Saturday afternoon by appointment.


Further to all the other activities available in the parish Buttevant has also a regular ballet class which is held weekly in the Muintir na Tire Hall. Membership is available to anyone who wishes to have their children learn the ballet form and the tutor Ms. Radcliffe who is a fully qualified instructor and teacher of the art can be contacted at the Muintir na Tire Hall during the weekly classes.

SVP Helpline

Buttevant Saint Vincent de Paul association has a dedicated helpline for those in the community who may need assistance to provide for themselves or their families. Please contact 0860209477 in strictest confidence.


Sympathy is extended to those who have suffered a bereavement or personal loss recently.

Well wishes

Well wishes go to those who are ill at home or in hospital at this time.