Saturday 24 February 2018

Anita is on a mission to Africa

A STUDENT nurse from Kanturk is seeking your aid to help a health centre in far off Tanzania.

Anita Jones from Coolageela is holding a fundraising table quiz in Philpott's, Kanturk on this Friday, April 12 at 9pm to donate to a health care centre in Tanzania.

Anita is a second year general nursing student in NUI Galway. As part of the course she opted to do the International Nursing module which consists of four weeks theory and four weeks placement. Anita chose the module because she wants to see nursing practices in a different country as well as learn more about other cultures.

The college has a link with a remote health centre in Simanjiro, Tanzania and this is where she and two classmates chose to go. Situated in the south of Kilimanjaro, the region is heavily populated by the Maasai tribe, which are surprisingly similar to the Irish people of 50 years ago, says Anita; their main industry is farming and they are devoutly religious.

The health centre itself is a two hour dirt track drive from the nearest city, Arusha. It caters for an area of 3000 square kilometres. We in Ireland complain about having to sit in A&E overnight, but Anita would rather that any day than travel thousands of kilometres for limited care.

On her trip she will be living in the community and working in the health centre for four weeks, mainly assisting with patient care alongside the local doctors and nurses. The main ailments seen are dehydration, starvation, and animal attacks such as snake bites.

Anita will also have an opportunity to experience "public health nursing" in Simanjiro. The centre is associated with a flying medical service which essentially provides immunisation and advice for pregnant women and new mothers - all of which Anita will be part of.


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