Saturday 21 April 2018

You can write your own script for life

Emily Hurley-Wilkinson

IS it time for a change? It would seem that everyone talks of how they would like to change the world, or change others, but few talk about changing themselves!

Would you like to move beyond your fears and obstacles that hold you back?

Perhaps it's time to start rewriting your reality and reinvent yourself!

Personal development is all about pro-actively doing something to boost your life; it's about feeling better about who you are, becoming happier, letting go of emotional baggage and negative thoughts, and embracing new ways of living and experiences.

We often think that it is too late to change or that changing our life will be too long and too tough a process. Is it then any wonder why many get stuck and feel unfulfilled?

This way of thinking can create barriers in making any improvements in your life. Maybe you feel you just can't get it right, having tried to make changes previously and yet failed to do so.

This sinking sense of defeat that this negative thinking causes, will prevent you from moving forward and ultimately prevent you from being a better you!

Perhaps you expect too much of yourself, expecting perfection and then criticising yourself every time you slip up? Believe me, nobody can live effectively under that type of pressure and way of thinking.

What about you? What obstacles are in your way? If you are worrying about failure or making a slip up then stop; be concerned only about the opportunities and chances that you will miss within your life if you don't even try.

Whilst you cannot change the past remember your future is unwritten. You really do have an opportunity to change your future story. How will you want that to read? Try writing a script of the person you want to become, how does that script read?

We so often forget that each of us are exactly where we are right now because of our decisions, choices and habits. Remember, you don't suddenly become unfit over-night, much like obesity is not as a result of one indulgent night out.

How are your habits and choices shaping your life? Are they enriching and self-fulfilling or are they sabotaging you, keeping you stuck in a rut. Remember, time waits for no one.

A good starting point to any personal change plan is to do an audit of your strengths. The goal here is to uncover what sets you apart from most other people. What do you and others see as the qualities that make you stand out?

When thinking about your strengths do not limit yourself to just work skills, think of all the experiences that you have had and the opportunities you had to grow and develop. This includes your education, personality factors, personal achievements and interests.

You can re-invent yourself at any time and become a better you by taking a stance and realizing it doesn't have to be this way!

There are many personal transformation techniques waiting to utilized. Get started today.