Thursday 23 November 2017

Why the jacuzzi in the middle of the road was not a pothole

The by now famous Kanturk man Liam Keane takes a dip in the not-apothole in Lismire.
The by now famous Kanturk man Liam Keane takes a dip in the not-apothole in Lismire.


IT was a five foot hole bubbling with water which grabbed the attention of 60,000 viewers around the world on You Tube when a Duhallow man stripped to a pair of shorts and got into it.

However, at the Kanturk Area meeting last Friday, senior area engineer Pat Corbett told councillors "it was not a pothole at Lismire, but a water leak".

The timeline of 'Pothole Gate' was hot on the agenda at the meeting. Mr Corbett, referring to a county council report on the matter, said the 'Road Emergency' area department got a call at 1.17pm on Sunday, December 30 from Kanturk Gardai after a member of the public had contacted them about the bubbling water coming from the giant hole in the townland of Copsfield, Lismire.

Padraig Sheehan, along with the road emergency crew, went to the location to examine the problem. "The problem was not a pothole but a water leak," said Mr Corbett.

The district supervisor, Mr Dermot O'Donovan, instructed that the area be made safe by closing off the area. Mr O'Donovan then contacted Mr Willie O'Sullivan of the Water Services Dept, who called in a council plumber at 5pm.

"A decision was made that repairs would be carried out on Monday, December 31 and water staff turned off the main supply and began carrying out the repairs at 8am. The leak was then repaired," said Mr Corbett.

Chairing the meeting, Cllr Gerard Murphy (FG) noted that Lismire had received a lot of TV and internet coverage within the last week. He complemented the staff of CCC for dealing with the matter so efficiently.

Cllr Timmy Collins (Ind) said there must have been "fair pressure in the pipe" for it to burst so quickly.

"The man involved [Liam Keane] said he should run for the council and that he would be the man to get potholes fixed faster than the likes of us," smiled Cllr Collins.

"Sure, that hole would have been filled in anyway, as it was and emergency type situation," he said.

The overall view at the meeting was that the matter had been dealt with satisfactorily by council staff.

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